13-9, 2 Rio Tower, Persiaran Rio, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.


As a social enterprise, Skybi strives  to provide mental health awareness and knowledge in  Psychology in order to  de-stigma about mental health and in turns create a  friendly community and environment to those who approach mental health services. We envision making everyone able to afford mental health service when necessary if you are facing financial difficulties.

30 December 2020
ECF Fund Raising

  • Successfully raised RM 1.8 million from ECF fundraising round.

19 July 2021
Launched mental health services

  • SKYBI launched free trial counselling session from 19th July 2021 to 15th Aug 2021 to let the public has chances to experience and understand what is counselling/psychotherapy services like.
  • The trial was successful and hence, SKYBI launched its first paid mental health services on 16th Aug 2021, aiming to provide affordable and easy access counselling/psychotherapy service to public in need.
  • Our Mental Health Services include:
    – Individual Counselling
    – Family Counselling
    – Couple Counselling
    – Children Counselling
    – Clinical Psychotherapy
    – Child Psychotherapy
    – Career Counselling / Career Consultation

3 August 2021
Launched the corporate counselling services

  • SKYBI Corporate Counselling service aimed to provide easily accessible and affordable mental health services to the workplace and the community.
  • Our services include:
    – Workshops and Seminar Sessions
    – Team-buildings
    – Counselling Sessions
    – Mental Health Assessments
  • If you are interested in these services, welcome to contact us for more details.
  • We launched our Corporate Counselling Services on 03/8/2021, and within two weeks, we have our first corporate client

16 August 2021
Launched SKYBI Mental Health Community Service (SMHCS)

  • As a social enterprise, SKYBI aimed to contribute to our society.
  • Mental Health Community Service (SMHCS) was launched on 16th Aug 2021, it is a series of community outreach projects initiated to provide FREE mental health services to the public.
  • Our services include:
    – Career Assessments, Counselling and Consultation
    – Quick Mental Health Screening and Consultation
    – Individual Counselling
    – Couple Counselling
    – Family Counselling
    – Clinical Psychotherapy
    – Mental Health Seminar Talks
  • Note: If you are interested in these services for your schools and universities, or organizations, welcome to contact us for more details.

25-29 August 2021
Participating in PYDC Virtual Career Fair

  • SKYBI has successfully supported PYDC’s virtual career fair under our SMHCS project.
  • Service that SKYBI provided to the career fair participants:
    – Career development talk
    – Four career assessments and result explanation
    – Brief career consultation
  • It was our pleasure that some of the participants have sign up for further career counselling sessions with us after the career fair. SKYBI Community Service hope to contribute more to the public in near future.

21 August, 4, 11 September 2021
Conducting a series of suicide prevention seminars

  • We have conducted a series of suicide prevention seminars to help the community understand what they can do to help those at risk of suicide.

14 October 2021
Launched FREE Mental Health Screening TO Public

As the pandemic went on and on, we noticed that financial issues had become a key factor affecting Malaysian’s mental health. As a social enterprise, we believe it is our social responsibility to provide access to quality mental health services at all levels during the pandemic. In response to the Mental Health World Day 2022’s theme “Mental Health in an unequal world”, we provide FREE mental health screening and consultations to all Malaysians.

27 November, 04 December 2021
Conducting Psychological First Aid Workshop

It was our worry when seeing the suicide rates in Malaysia has increased drastically during the first half of 2021 compared to last year. When the Women’s Ministry Talian Kasih helpline reports showed about 11 802 calls start of MCO3.0, we knew we had to do something. The news of the helpline calls has suggested that the public need psychological first aid call listeners. Hence, we conducted a two-day psychological first aid workshop for the junior counsellors, counsellor trainees and teachers. We hope they can provide their services to those in need, be it a stranger or our youth.

We found our partner.

January 2022

  • We are pleased to collaborate with the ARC Parenting Group (LearnParenting Platform) during this pandemic time. Parenting in this pandemic is not easy; many parents felt stressed out and exhausted when coping with their new working style and their children’s new education styles. As a mental health organization, we will collaborate with the ARC Parenting Group (LearnParenting Platform) to provide FREE seminar talks, workshops and AFFORDABLE counselling and family therapy services to the parents in need.

February 2022

  • We are honoured to collaborate with UNIIQ Kombucha to support their ‘This is Me’ campaign. The campaign emphasizes that mental health is vital for individuals’ holistic health.

A mile stone for our B2B services.

  • We have designed a few service packages for our corporate clients.
    – Psychological Assessment Starter Package
    – Leadership Assessment Package
    – Needs Analysis Package
    – Career Assessment Package
    – Students’ Soft Skills Workshop Package
    – Support Group in Corporate Package
  • Our clients: Dapat Vista, Big Domain Colla Team, Crowdo, Uni Enrol & EduKaji

14 March 2022 - Upgrade our community service.

  • There is an upgrade of the community counselling/psychotherapy services. We hope our clients will benefit the most from the services by committing to the counselling/psychotherapy sessions. For more details, you may refer to our FAQ page.

April 2022 - Skybi is on the news!

May 2022

  • Skybi and a team of volunteers are going to Nalanda Centre at Sri Serdang on the 8th and 15th of May to conduct a free mental health assessment and consultation for the devotees. In conjunction with Wesak Day on the 15th of May Nalanda Buddhist Society has planned a blood donation drive on 8th of May. We were honoured to have this collaboration opportunity with Nalanda Buddhist Society to contribute to the community. We have served about 150 participants in this meaningful event as the mental health assessment is beneficial to them and increase their mental health awareness.
  • Skybi initiated volunteer training program aim to provide resources of speaker, volunteer of serving B40 clients and assisting in other future community service such as becoming an emcee of activity or other back-end role.

June 2022

Skybi started off as an online mental health service platform and we have opened up for face to face sessions at our One City Office. As the restrictions loosen down and the economy is open up for more business opportunities and clients request for a face to face session.

13 June 2022

  • Skybi conducted a Career Planning talk for the Yayasan Sunbeams Homes children at 1-3 pm and there were 39 kids who attended the session. The talk aim to deliver some basic ideas of career interest and identify their own interest for future career planning.

July 2022

  • Skybi is excited to collaborate with HighSchool to provide free career test consultation to the public in SureWorks Education Fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. The education fair was on 25th June, 26th June, 2nd July and 3rd July from 11am to 6pm. There were about 850 people who attended our booth across four days. Skybi is glad to provide free career test consultation to students as part of the role of social enterprise.


  • Skybi is delighted to collaborate with Nuren Group to deliver mental health webinars beginning in June 2022.
  • We also collaborate with EduKaji to conduct study skills and mental health webinars for high school students in order to have better preparation to sit for their exams.
  • Skybi is excited to collaborate with Renlogy Training Program which will incorporate with Skybi Leadership Assessment Service and vice versa. Renlogy also partner with us to deliver corporate soft skills workshops.

October 2022

Skybi started to participate in the Penang Startup Accelerator Program (PSAP) in February 2022 to gain an opportunity to develop and mature our company’s business model. After six months of intensive program training, we gave a business model showcase on October 15th to the program panellist. Skybi is delighted to be recognized as one of the top 3 finalists with a good business model after a long effort.

December 2022 - New Collaboration

Skybi’s inaugural collaboration with Darul Ta’lim ZHI ZHU YUAN resulted in a remarkable week-long summer camp for children. This novel venture showcased Skybi’s commitment to enhancing mental health services for the public. Encouraged by this success, we anticipate embarking on a new educational journey with the children, fostering hope and prospects for the year ahead.

January 2023

As the new year begins, Skybi embraces fresh challenges. Strengthening their ties, Highschool.com and SKYBI have become long-term partners. This year, they extend their services with on-campus mental health lectures, podcasts, and career development workshops, offering professional counselling to youth. Collaborating with UNIEnroll, we promote convenient online career consultation, embracing technology to enhance career wellness services and explore future collaborations.

February 2023 - Second Fund Raising

Skybi expands services to meet rising demand, offering online and onsite psychological support. With RM 5 million raised (i.e. RM 4 million from Cowork Venture and RM1 million from MYCIF funds under MOF (Ministry of Finance)), we acquired an office in PUCHONG and develop mental health apps, enhancing public well-being services.

June 2023

In June, SKYBI is honoured to be invited by the Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) to provide psychological and career interest assessment services for the youth in Penang. This collaboration, facilitated by our technology enterprise partner (Big Domain), brings us great joy and pride.

October 2023

SKYBI is proud to commemorate World Mental Health Day on October 5th and celebrate our grand opening this October. We are delighted to unveil our counselling centre in the heart of Puchong RIO City, designed to provide essential mental health support in a welcoming, physical office environment. We are also excited to announce our strategic partnership with Talentvis, a leading HR Solutions and Recruitment Company in the AsiPacificon. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, enabling us to offer comprehensive mental health soft skills training for leaders and employees. This initiative further reinforces our unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy and support. At SKYBI, we are passionately dedicated to fostering mental well-being and championing a brighter, more resilient future for everyone.

November 2023

Skybi proudly partnered with Dabble Jer Collective on “Burden of Proof,” a series of drama performances confronting sexual violence in the community, underscoring our commitment to mental health and providing a safe space for recovery. Another highlight: we are honoured to have Mr Aaron from Taylor University MBA programme to invite us and led to a transformative Stress Management Talk at Royal Selangor Headquater with our counsellor Mr James Tan. We’re dedicated to fostering well-being and resilience through impactful events, advocating for a violence-free, supportive community. Join us as we continue empowering individuals towards mental wellness.